About Us

Audit & Consult is a licensed auditing firm. In our team, we have certified public accountants and tax and business advisors who have long-term experience in providing professional services. We are also proud to have a certified financial forensic expert and a bankruptcy trustee practicing in our firm.

Our clients are Estonian private companies from various industries and public sector entities.

Our goal is to provide our customers professional services focused on the needs of the customer. If you would like to get a proposal for our services, please get in touch with us and together with you we will work out the solutions tailor made for you.



Auditor gives assurance that the financial statements of a company are in accordance with applicable standards and third parties could get a true view of the company’s financials.

Business and Tax Advisory

Tax and business advisory are the areas of business mainly to which entrepreneurs have daily exposure.

Insolvency and reorganization

Entrepreneurs may have to deal with bankruptcy law both in case of over indebtedness or in the role of creditor. Reorganization proceedings represents protection against bankruptcy provided by law.

Expert opinions

In terms of Forensic Examination Act expert opinions can be provided primarily by forensic experts or officially certified experts.