Expert Opinions

The purpose of expert opinion is to provide a categorical or reasoned expert conclusion on a fact relevant to the burden of proof in criminal, civil, administrative proceedings or in misdemeanor proceedings. The list of officially certified experts is kept by Estonian Forensic Science Institute. The questions which form the subject of expert opinion are formulated by the parties of the proceedings and finally determined by the court. For the sake of certainty, it is always reasonable to use officially certified expert because this gives more confidence that the court will also accept the person as an expert and this avoids disputes relating to the appointment of an expert.
Most common examples of financial expertise are the assessment of the amount of damages, the evaluation of intangible assets (incl. securities), the assessment of reorganization plans and the ascertainment of the causes and time of insolvency. Expert opinion generally bears important role as to the burden of proof in resolving the dispute, although the dispute is ultimately resolved by the court, evaluating all evidence as an aggregate.



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