Audit obligation is determined in Auditors Activities Act. If the audit is not obligatory by the law, then company’s shareholders, creditors or other third parties may ask for an audit to get assurance that company’s financial statements are true.

Our auditors Kairi Luigelaht-Teder and Ree Teinberg have long-term experience and have audited companies in various field of activities. While conducting the audit, we must understand the specifics of the company and the industry, to plan the work properly. The selection and volume of audit procedures are based on our risk assessment.

We perform assurance services also for public sector entities. Our auditors are licensed public sector auditors.

We conduct the audits in accordance with international auditing standards and code of ethics. We have determined internal procedures to assure the quality of the work and we are subject of oversight under the law.

We are partners to our clients – we resolve accounting issues as they arise during the audit, but in addition we give advice in other professional areas if necessary. Our advantage is flexibility and certified auditors’ vast contribution to every audit.

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